Thank you for your interest in Diamond.

We always appreciate contributes to the project, as it's mostly a volunteer project.
We have no dedicated full-time programmers sitting on the project and thus contributers are a great help to the project.

If you're interested in contributing to Diamond, then follow these steps.

  1. Firsr you must visit our Github page: Diamond MVC
  2. Then you must create a fork of the project.
  3. After creating a fork, then create a branch (One for each modification you do.)
  4. After creating your modifications then you need to test them. Make sure they do not break existing features.
  5. Once you're sure your modifications are okay then create a pull-request for your branches.
  6. After the pull-request has been reviewed and all reviews has been acknowledged then it will be merged.
  7. The changes will be released within the next release cycle of the master branch.

People who are regular contributors to the project may be subject to a small donation, which varies depending on their contributions.

There are currently no strict guide-lines on how contributed code must be, except for that you should keep the same style as Diamond already has.

Each pull-request must only be a single change, please try to keep them as minimal as possible.