Diamond MVC Requirements

Requirement Value
Compiler D Compiler
Build-tools DUB
Operating System Windows
File-system Space (Only Diamond MVC) Approx. 20 MB

Release Cycle

Diamond uses semantic versioning such as MAJOR.MINOR.BUILD (Ex. 2.10.1)

Version Release
Major Unknown
Minor Monthly
Build Usually Friday
Next Minor Release June 1st 2018

Diamond MVC Empty Project

The following project is an empty skeleton for a Diamond MVC project.

Use the project to start building your own Diamond MVC website or web-api.


Simply extract the zip-archive into a folder and you're good to go.

Installing Diamond MVC

Installing Diamond MVC is simple. Just following these steps.

  1. Download and install a D compiler
  2. Download and install DUB
  3. Download the empty Diamond MVC project above
  4. Open "config/web.json" and modify it to fit your project
  5. Invoke DUB on the root folder

    Command-line: "dub build"
  6. Run the generated executable file
  7. Congratulations your first Diamond MVC project is running.
Source-code (Stable): Download

Source-code (Development): Download