Diamond MVC Requirements

Requirement Value
Compiler D Compiler
Build-tools DUB
Operating System Windows
File-system Space (Only Diamond MVC) Approx. 20 MB

Release Cycle

Diamond uses semantic versioning such as MAJOR.MINOR.BUILD (Ex. 3.0.0)

Version Release-date
3.0.0 November 1st 2018

Diamond MVC Empty Project

The following project is an empty skeleton for a Diamond MVC project.

Use the project to start building your own Diamond MVC website or web-api.


Simply extract the zip-archive into a folder and you're good to go.

Installing Diamond MVC

Installing Diamond MVC is simple. Just following these steps.

  1. Download and install a D compiler
  2. Download and install DUB
  3. Download the empty Diamond MVC project above
  4. Open "config/web.json" and modify it to fit your project
  5. Invoke DUB on the root folder

    Command-line: "dub build"
  6. Run the generated executable file
  7. Congratulations your first Diamond MVC project is running.
Source-code (Stable): Download

Source-code (Development): Download