Diamond is a full-stack web-framework written in The D Programming Language.

The project was started in 2016 as an alternative template engine to vibe.d's Diet templates, but has evolved into a full-blown framework serving as a layer on-top of vibe.d

Diamond provides additional features to what vibe.d provides and aims to be a product for enterprise development.
Diamond would never have been possible without the following people:

Every contributer to Diamond, whether it's the framework, website, general input or acknowledgement.
Key people:

Jacob Jensen (bauss)
Sedat Bilen
Jan Jurzitza (WebFreak001)
Mike Parker
Elias Batek (0xEAB)
Paul Jaworski

Every contributer to vibe.d.
Key people:

Sönke Ludwig

Every contributer to mysql-native.
Key people:

Nick Sabalausky (Abscissa)

Every contributer to ddbc.
Key people:

Vadim Lopatin

Every contributer to The D Programming Language.
Key people:

Andrei Alexandrescu
Walter Bright

Also a lot of other people, who has not been mentioned.

Thank you to everyone who has done something that has lead Diamond to where it is!